Friday, August 29, 2008

World of Warcraft Friends.

Hey guys. World of Warcraft , a game I play is doing a Recruit a Friend thing. We send emails to someone and then you subscribe to WoW. What happens is we get to summon us to different places in the world of WoW. And, we get these mounts called Swift Zhevra, (A cross between a horse and a zebra) So if anyone wants to look at WoW, I have the "official" site on my blog list. Its a awesome game. Well I gotta go, (Playing some more WoW)


Thursday, August 28, 2008


Sorry about that last one, guys. I accidentally hit enter before I could type anything except the name. Lol. But I need some prayers for my mom's friend named Sherri. She is going on a cruise through the caribbean and needs some prayers that if her ship still goes that they will be protected from any of the Tropical Storm. I also want to help pray for the people that has lost their houses in the tropical storms/tornadoes that has gone on this year. I hope you guys will help me out there.
God Bless.


Hmm.. What should I talk about?

New Day...New Blog Post?!

Hey. I'm back. Umm.... One thing I wanted to show you guys is Youtube on my Blog List. It's VERY cool. You can look up ANY song. So.. I hope you'll check it out. is a site for the #1 Online Game in America. WoW stands for World Of Warcraft if you didnt know that, so I'm ganna be using it alot. The last one on the list is of my Uncle's site. He's a pastor for Life Church in West Monroe, Louisiana. Niczi's Daily Grind, of course, is my Dad's. is my Mom's. I encourage EVERYONE to check them out. They are cool and nice blogs. The last one is Ourplace, I believe, and its a friend of mine's blog. So I hope you guys check it out. Cya!

Off to play some more WoW.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Messed Up.

Sorry. I meant my links as my Blog List. I get a little confused sometimes. :D. Well have a great night.. or great day, Whatever you wanna call it. So, I'll be back tomorrow. L8r guys!


Same Day.. New Blog Post.

Hey.. I'm back. I was thinking and thought of something else to say. I encourage Everyone I mean EVERYONE to look at my links. They are great people and GREAT blogs. Musingsofahomeschoolingmom just started two or three days ago but already has like 4-6 posts! I mean Come on! That many already?! I gotta catch up. So I'm ganna have maybe 2 or 3 posts each day. Hopefully, I'll Catch up. Well I'll be back! L8r.


First day of my NEW blog!

Uhh.. Hey im Michael T. and well, this is my new blog. I'm new at blogging and ill go kinda slow on this. It maybe a everyday thing. I dont Know.. So.. I'll be back with new stuff.