Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Day.

This year we woke up around 7ish, (me 6:50ish). It was silly. I counted down the last 10 minutes on my watch then woke my mom up. She got up, and got dressed and all and then woke up my dad and Annalee. We went to the living room and Whoooppee! We had 2 stockings full, and 10 gifts each. I got Wall-E, Daddy Day Care, Clue!, Apples to Apples, ToothTunes and new toothpaste, Extra gum, the new Nick magazine, with 2 posters. We went on a scavenger hunt, looking for our Nintendo DS and games. We found the first one in the kitchen, in the pantry. My first game was Star Wars Force Unleashed, and a note. Then we went to the living room and there was 2 more games for both of us, 1 ea. They both had notes, and we read them. My 2nd game was Brainquest. Then we looked in my parents' bathroom, and there was the last 2 games! Mine had another note, and it was Star Wars: The Clone Wars Jedi Alliance.

Last, we went into our parents HUMONGOUS closet, and looked for our Nintendo DS'. I found them, and mine was Onyx Black, with Anna's being Hot Pink. This was probably our favorite Christmas ever.

The night before, on Christmas Eve, we went to our great grandmother,Willie Mae's, house. We ate there like normal redneck families do, and then went and looked under our small Christmas tree. Annalee had 3 different presents, I had one. It was 20Q. But, Anna got 10$ for Cmas money, and I got 60$. Hannah, brought her boyfriend, Brad, again. Him and I are seriously like two peas in a pod. There is this one thing we do where I come up to him, he pretends to punch me, and I duck. I add my own Special Fx and moves. He just does the punching and the laughing. We got along quickly.

Before we had to go, suddenly, Willie Mae goes, "Jessie (my mom) Could you get those pictures of michael and annalee out of here? I dont want anything to happen to them." She scared me so badly when she said that. I thought she was saying she would die before Christmas next year. I know she's 89, but thats not too bad is it? But then I asked mom what she meant by that, and she said, " Oh I think she's afraid the house will fall down or something. Look at the cracks in the ceiling." So I'm still not for sure if she was reassurring her or me. But it was an awesome Christmas.

Apparently, DS' are easy to get finger prints on. This is a big ol' Redneck fact. Now...lemme try to work up my own Christmas story.

The Big Ol' Redneck Christmas:
There was once a night,
with no coyotes howling,
everyone snoring,
even my great aunt mauwee,
but then i heard,
the great christmas sleigh,
so i grabbed up my shotgun,
and woke the others,
except my great aunt mauwee,
we went a whoopin',
out the front door,
looking for big ol' mr. santy-clause,
but then we heard,
the big ol' gruntin of a boar hog.
We looked up,
and o'course mr. santy-clause,
was up and stuck in the chimney.
as we watched and watched,
blitzen, mezten, and donner,
tried to push ol' redneck,
santy-clause down the chimney.
So we formed this big ladder,
made out of ol' rednecks,
and climbed each other to the top,
but we had to pull ol' Bill Rednacker,
because he was the tallest,
and at the bottom.
After that confrontation,
we picked up our slingshots,
and made the chimney wider,
and with the help of ol' big Westin,
we pushed Santy-Clause down the chimney.
As we shoved and heaved,
it seemed as if Santy-Clause got taller and taller,
because he had his feet at the bottom, and his head at the top.
So we made him kneel and sit,
and got a few into the house,
and pulled him out.
Later that night, as we all were heading to bed,
with presents under the tree,
and stockings filled.
We heard ol' Santy Clause going,
"Merry Christmas, ye ol' Rednecks!"
So as that was last heard,
we climbed into bed,
and fell asleep,
listening to Aunt mauwee snore.
I thought of that me self! :D

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sunday's givings and Christmas on Tuesday

Sunday we went and bought gifts for the poor. Cameron, my cousin, and I went and had to be a pair to find presents, we found a total of 9 things for 50$ (25$ ea.) Our other cousins found a lot of stuff also, but we found the most. Grandma ended up spending around $273.67 for the gifts. Before that, we went and ate at Chile's. The wait there was an hour, so we went to Logan's, the wait for there was 1 hour and a 1/2.So we went to El Chile Verde's because Hannah and Bekah know the owners through Tia and Tio. It was like a 45 minute wait, but it was good anyway. So we went to the south and east side of West Monroe, and gave out gifts. They went quickly. About after 30-45 mins of driving around, we finished. Erika, Cameron, Hannah, Bekah, Aunt Kelly, Grandma, Grandpa, Andrew, Annalee, Ashley, and I went. It was awesome.

Also, last night we went and ate at my other grandma's.We normally spend the night over there, but this year no one did. We ate Frito Pie and Gumbo. After, we opened presents. I got Brisingr (3rd book in Inheritance Trilogy by 21-year old Christopher Paoulini), Hot Hoops, a Aquarium, The Chronicles of Narnia:Prince Caspian; 2 Nintendo DS games: Mario Kart DS, and Need for Speed Undercover; Me and annalee shared a Uno Attack game, and we each got a toothbrush set to clean placque I guess. Today we got to my great-grandmother's in Calhoun, for Christmas. I hope we have an awesome time.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Party !!! And Outreach !!!!

Yesterday, from 10am-2pm we went to a small community park in a poor part of West Monroe for a Christmas Outreach. We had 200 fish fillets, 175 presents for the kids, and 75 grocery bags. They were all gone when it was over. Santa (Ronnie) came around 12:45ish and gave presents to the kids. KNOE8 News came and filmed us for a little while. He gave out presents, while me, Dad, Jason, and Austin gave out grocery bags to the parents. We also had a basketball court and a jumper for kids. I had to get in the jumper with Anna, and ended up helping watch with Clay. There was this one really cute little black kid, smaller than a dinner table, probably no more than 3, that got in there. He was mainly crawling around, being pushed about, stepped on, and nearly fell on. He tried to get on the slide and slide down, but he couldn't even reach the handles. I picked him up and put him on there, still holding on to him, because 3 big guys jumped onto it from the jumper and slid down. I finally got him on it, and this guy with a yellow +black shirt jumped on, nearly headbucked him, and rolled over him. It surprised me that the little boy didn't even cry. One time earlier on, Emily, from church was getting onto the slide, and someone else started jumping on it, and it flung her off on her back. She didn't even get hurt. Also, around 10:50ish-11:20ish we went door to door to tell people about the Outreach. Tia, (My aunt; the pastor's wife) didn't even get one door to open for her. Austin, went to a door and had to speak through the door to a riverbend Principal, and then to the lady without a door in front of her. Tia came up and told her what was happening, While Austin stuttered over words. We busted a gut behind him, and when I told him, he was like, "Huh? Why?" That made them laugh even more.

Today is the Christmas Party at church for kids. We have to get there by 9:30, and it goes through 11 I think. We are having our regular lessons, and then Food, food, and more food. Also we will learn about the true meaning of Christmas, play games, inside and out, and just have alot of fun!

Also, after Church, I have to go to my grandmother's, we'll go eat, and then go shopping for unfortunately poor kids and give them gifts for christmas. We started it last year, and I hope the tradition'll last. She got me a Bday present in September, Madden 09 All-Play, so I'm good :D

Friday, December 19, 2008

How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Last night I watched two airings of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, (Jim Carrey version), on ABC Families. It made me think, What is Christmas really about? In different parts of the story, They say presents. But little Cindy Lou Who says its about family and friends, I was thinking about it last night. Cindy Lou Who was right about the family and friends, but also Jesus. That day is the day Jesus Christ is born. A lot of people right now think its just about gifts, and nothing else. Its funny how the Grinch is a big hairy Who, with no one around to make him happy, he's a old hermit living inside a freezing mountain. And then he gets his heart 3x bigger? I dont get it. But hey, its still a good movie.

Let it snow!

We've been getting Winter weather warnings and advisorys lately, so I hope it snows just like last year. Last year, we went to my grandmother's house who owns rolling hills + 26 acres or so? She owns Rolling Hills Farms and Triple AAA Mini-Storage. Right now, they're living in the Ashford Place Apartments. There aren't many trees there, so I hope we get to go if it snows. :D

Christmas Outreach

Life Church is having a Christmas Outreach in a poor side of town tommorrow for all the kids and adults who need help. We're having a fish fry, giving away presents for the kids, groceries for the adults, There will be one or two jumpers set up for the kids.... So people should come. It'll be great. Last year it was on the News, with interviews with Uncle Joel, the pastor and a few other Life Group members. We are getting presents today and taking them to church for tomorrow. I hope we get to go.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Breaking Dawn

I finished Breaking Dawn about a week ago, 3 days after I started it. There are 3 books in it, Bella's view for the 1st, Jacob Black's for the 2nd, and Bella's for the 3rd.

Book 1:
Isabella "Bella" Swan gets married to Edward Cullen, the vampire. They go to Isle Esme for their honeymoon, in the Carribbean Sea. A week later, She discovers a box of Tampons. She finds out she's pregnant, and calls Carlisle, her dad-in-law. He confirms the belief, and they rush home.

Book 2:
Jacob Black is a werewolf, the next in line for the Alpha Wolf. He becomes Beta, and Sam Uley is Alpha. He leaves the pack after they decide to kill Bella to kill the baby. Seth Clearwater and Leah Clearwater also leave and join Jacob's new pack. They keep Sam and his pack away, for a month while Bella is pregnant. A month after learning Bella's pregnant, she goes into labor. She has an emergency C-Section and dies. Renesmee is born.

Book 3:
This is Bella's side of the story. It talks about the searing, fiery, deathly pain. She gets Vampire poison injected into her heart. 3 days later, she wakes up as a Newborn Vampire, very thirsty. She goes on a Hunt with Edward, (they only hunt animals, their "Vegetarians"). She learns Renesmee is well and thriving. Soon afterwards, she is tested by Jacob, who imprinted on Renesmee. Bella gets to see Renesmee for the first time. She is looking for her mom. But a few minutes after holding her, she learns Jacob imprinted and nicknamed her baby, Nessie, after the Loch Ness monster. A quick confrontation occurs, where she breaks Seth's left shoulderblade. Seth is treated by Carlisle. About a week after Nessie is born, she starts to talk saying, "Mama where is Grandpa?" A little while later, she goes hunting with Bella, Edward, and Jacob. Irina, a vampire in the Denali Clan sees Renesmee and believes her a Immortal Child. An Immortal Child is a mortal baby turned into a Vampire. Irina reports to the Volturi, an Italian vampire coven, and they come to Forks. They come a month after Alice foresees the Volturi. She, and Jasper, her mate, go to find Nomads, and half-human half-vampire breeds like Nessie. The wolves stand with the vampires, and they testify against the Volturi. Aro, the main Volturi, decides to leave unlike Marcus and Caius' wishes. The Volturi and their guard leave, and the Cullens can live in peace. That is Bella and Edward's happily ever after.

Sounds like a good book, huh? It is. Go check it out. :D



My cousin Bekah, has a blogspot called My She's my cousin, the daughter of Pastor Joel Dyke from Life Church West Monroe. My uncle, basically. She hasnt posted in 7 years though. I think she needs to start posting again. I got a comment on my last post, Triiippp Toooo MEEXXXIICCCOOO!!!! I didnt even know Bekah had a blog. Thanks for commenting, Bekah. :D We'll be coming to the Outreach in WM next Saturday, I believe. We're ganna be buying two gifts for a boy and a girl. Hopefully we'll see y'all there!

One of my friends from church, Tiffany Snow, wants a Mood Ring and a pair of Earrings from when I asked what she wanted for Christmas. She said Claire's had them. I may get her atleast a Mood Ring. I saw she got her ears pierced awhile back. Would that be all right, Mrs. Amy? I hope I'll see you guys at the Outreach Saturday. We'll probably be there. I hope she still likes those Cross necklaces.


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Triiip toooo MEEEXICO!

My uncle, aunt, two cousins, and their friends are going to Mexico. They planted a church there 24 YEARS AGO!! And, since then they have 5 churchs planted in Mexico. They pastor and own Life Church West Monroe. Joel Dyke and Angel Dyke. Joel is a senior pastor at the church, and a owner of much of the churchs he made in Mexico. They went to a assembly in Mexico Monday, and there were 1,500 people there! 800 inside, and another 700 outside looking on 4 FLATSCREEN T.V.'s They said it was a blast. I hope they had fun, They came back yesterday to see the BIG Rebels vs. Barbe High School Football game. It was a BLOWOUT! 47-17 I think. Rebels won and are going to the 'Ship next week at the Dome!! WOOOOT!!! Go Rebels! And Saints are playing tomorrow.. Lets hope they beat the Falcons. :D
MT. (The Snow Family)

The Snow family is one of the best families I know. The parents, Amy and Timmy work at CenturyTel, and Timmy is a floor saler? I don't know for sure what it's called. Madie is their oldest girl, 12 or 13 years old, and really nice. Tiffany is the 2nd oldest, 11, and veryyyy smart along with Madie. They are both crazy girls though. Ethan, the only boy, is 6 or 7 and hyper. He runs and runs and runs, and plays with everything. Chloe Grace is 9 months, almost 10 months and very rambunctious. She crawls and tries to walk, And I think is starting to stand.

The Craft Family.

The Crafts are Beck, Dennis, Hope Craft, and Emily Craft. They are very nice. Dennis, the dad, is a plumber for umm, cant remember the name, but one of the good plumber incs! Hope Craft, the mom, works at CenturyTel and is sweet. She makes most the money, and cooks. Beck Craft, is 11 years old, and the only son. He is smart, quick, hyper, and all sorts of stuff. Emily Craft, the oldest of the kids, is a girl of course, is smart, also nice, sweet and hyper!! She used to hang out with my cousins, Hannah and Bekah Dyke.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Uncle Raymond.

My uncle Raymond, is in jail for his 2nd time, because he did bad things. I feel sad for him. He stole a car while on drugs, and was caught. He also stole my grandma's credit card and a few other things. Stealing is illegal, and hence has consequences. I feel sorry for my Uncle Raymond. A few days ago, he wrote to me on Thanksgiving wishing me Thanksgiving and other stuff, and asking me to write back. I did, and he wants to know if i wanna learn how to play Golf with him, and do a Tournament with him if Im good. I wanna learn, and kinda dont. And I dont know a good way to say no, so I'm just going with yes, I guess. He's 23, or 24 and my mom's only brother. He loves golf, golf tournaments, LSU tigers, Saints, WM REBELS!!!! And is a football fanatic. I feel really sorry for him, and I'll be 13 1/2 or 14 years old when he gets out. He also wants to see if I'll go to a few football games with him. Of course, I said yes. :D So, guys, please pray for him, He has 3 1/2 more years to go in prison. He's also sick with Diabetes, so please pray for him.



Mel Mel is in town!! Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! She's a kindergarten teacher in Houma, and a former-Librarian at the elementary school. I wonder if she brought books from Scholastic's Book Sale . . . . :DD If you see this post, I love you Mel Mel

Ugh . . . History.

My parents are big on History. As am I. I do my history, look up stuff.... yada yada yada.
But today, I looked up something that caught my eye.

The Baldknobbers.

They are a vigilante gang from the era after the Civil War. Hired by the government, they found confederate troops planning uprisings. Soon after their treaty with the government, Chaos broke loose. They ransacked Branson, Missouri and different places along the Ozarks. It was Hell-On-Earth for the people in Branson. Soon enough, the uprisings caused by gangs and leaders of the vigilantes calmed down. Until the Christianity Era, is what they called it. They met on Baldknobbers in the Ozarks, and planned more uprisings. They would break down doors and jump through windows and shoot people, for money, for anything, as a matter-of-fact. They were rampant, violent, ruthless, ALL the things you can think of about a Gang. They wore Skiing masks with horns, and threw people into the Sinkhole at Marvel Cave, acting like they were monkies and seemed like they were throwing them to the very Pits of Hades. After their time, The deputy dept. finally found them, and stopped them. Most of them were hanged, others broke out of prison. It was chaos.

The Fire In The Hole ride is about them, when Branson is ransacked. Im ganna try it, the ride is at Silver Dollar City. WOOOHOOO!

Err, new update, another post.

Sorry about that last one. My fingers slipped. Anyways, here's a new update for alot of stuff.

Counter-Strike is a new game I play, with my dad's old friends, From L.A. Merc. Counter Strike is a shooter-based game about Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. I'm mainly a CT (Counter-Terrorist). Its just too fun.

My Quibblo Password is lost, I forgot it. So no more Quibblo for me :). Anyone who sees my blog that plays Quibblo, sorry about my lost PW.

Also im reading a new series of books, Twilight. I've read Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse. Its a 4-book series by best-selling author, Stephenie Meyer. Its about a girl, Isabella "Bella" Swan falling in love with a vampire, Edward Cullen. The movie is out, and im still trying to go see it. My mom is currently on the 4th and final, Breaking Dawn. I'm reading it after her.
News from last weekend:

Annalee, my sister, won a Cheerleading Competition at West Ouachita High School in Tackle 1, (although a Junior Tackle team) and won Elite, the best Overall. I'm so happy for her!

We had a Thanksgiving dinner at my house, last Sunday at 5:00ish, it turned out great. (check Musingsofahomeschoolingmom for pictures). It was a blast. But we were wiped out and stuffed.

Also, We went to High Delta Safari Park last Saturday in Delhi. It was A.W.E.S.O.M.E. My little sister, Anna had a scare with an Ox staring in her window in the car. She wasn't in the front again, after that!

We also are having our Aunt Melanie, (Mel Mel) from Houma. Her husband, Greg, has a really bad back. He was in the army, and was in a terrible humvee crash. It hurt his back, so he cant really come all the way to West Monroe.

Also, I'm starting 5th grade. I was starting at 4th at the beginning of this year. I'm a grade higher than all my friends YIIIPPPEEE :).

We are planning to go tomorrow to see my Aunt, and Annalee is riding in the Christmas Parade, in downtown West Monroe. She'll be on a float with the Claiborne Cheerleaders. (I think I spelled float right).

And..... after, she gets to have a sleep-over at her friend Jordan's, with the rest of the Cheerleaders. Woot! I get a night without her! I'mjust kidding. I love you Anna.

And, we just joined the Wellness Center in West Monroe with the track to start swimming, I'm ganna tryout for the ULM swim team, soon.

I should be in 6th grade by the end of this school-year, and maybe start 7th by Fall. I go to quick!

And my friend, Mrs. Amy Snow, got her baby, Chloe Grace Snow's ears pierced! Wow, she seemed to cry alot in the pictures.

Also, my friends, Mrs. Amy has two tickets for her and her husband to the Saints vs. Falcons game!!!!! Wow was he surprised, as much as she when she got a digital-notepad!!!! (A labtop).

Last, but certainly not least, Isabella Kennedy Turner, my littlest sister . . . . DUN . . . DUN . . . DUN . . . SHE STANDS BY HERSELF!!! Go Bella!!!! Congrats. :)!

Well, that's a loooonnnnnggg update! See ya guys!

A new update.