Friday, January 30, 2009


I finally found this site for Dragonball, Dragonball Z, and Dragonball GT episodes were at. It has full episodes, you dont download at all. Just watch them on the net, like Youtube. So right now im on episode 11.....:)

Also I get to watch this movie called D-Wars Dragon Wars. Its a Korean movie about the Korean Legend with Imoogis. Its like every 5 centuries, a Yu-Yi-Joo is born. The last Yu-Yi-Joo failed to protect the world against the Evil Buraki, a fallen Imoogi. The Yu-Yi-Joo's hometown was overrun by Buraki's army, and they killed the headman, her father. She eventually comitted suicide, along her protecter something called the Hamburn, I think lol. So Ethan goes to this store, Ethan is the main character. Jack the owner of the store, tells him about it. Years later Ethan finds a girl named Sarah, who is the Yu-Yi-Joo, and Ethan is the Hamburn. Buraki returns, and his army battle the U.S. army, and win, while the Imoogi's come down and help. Buraki defeats all but one, which is the dragon protector of the Yu-Yi-Joo and the Imoogi eventually dies. When the Yu-Yi-Joo is knocked unconscious, she wakes up on a altar, about to be devoured by Buraki. But she sacrifices herself to bring back the Imoogi, who wakes up and defeats Buraki and becomes the Celestrial Dragon. Sarah also becomes a Celestrial Dragon, and Jack dissapears in a cloud of dust. Ethan's life, then goes back to normal. And Buraki is never seen again.

Books and books Galore.

Today my mom went to the annual library booksale, probably our last one because of the new law in effect on Feb. 10th, and we went to our grandma's. We watched The Parent Trap while bella played on the floor. Mom ended up seeing Mrs. Cynthia, one of her friends from Homeschooling. She ended up getting 200-300 books. Not my mom, Mrs. Cynthia. My mom found Eragon and 3 Jason Bourne books, Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremacy, and Bourne Betrayal. Also she got me a anime book and a book about the war and the Soviet Union. I havnt posted in awhile, so this is stuff we've done lately:
Wednesday, I got to write a letter to President Obama. My mom has a post about it in her blog, Musingsofahomeschoolingmom. We also went back to Co-Op, I wrote the letter there.
Tuesday: We went to Girl Scouts for Annalee, and then Dancing.
Thursday we just went to speech, and then we stayed at home.
Today, I watched the Tale of Despereaux, and my mom went to go get those books.
I'm hoping we go to church Sunday, so I can see my cousin Josh. He just moved here from L.A. the other L.A.

So thats about it.

Also, my mom got the book 90 Minutes In Heaven. Its about this guy, Don Piper, I think, that died in a carwreck and went to heaven and was ressurected 90 minutes later. Im hoping to read it.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Last night, Bella had a silly confrontation with cake.

Yesterday, my littlest sister turned one! First we went to the gym in the morning, and she played there for awhile. After, we went back home and she took a nap, and we had lunch.

While my dad had a lunch break, Bella woke and put her hands out to dad in the bed, and dad picked her up and Bella said, "Thank you",!.

After lunch, we went out to Wal-Mart and Bella picked out 3 toys. Anna picked out a 2 toys to give to Abigail, a girl she met from Co-Op. Her Birthday party is tonight, so Mom and Anna are going to Sterlington for it.

Bella took another nap, and then after that, we went to BBQ West to celebrate, (It was steak-night; everyone loves steaks but me, I hate them) And Grandma Sheila came and gave Bella 2 cute dresses.

After that, we went home and ate a piece of cake, (For Bella's fun, check my mom's blog out. Musingsofahomeschoolingmom.) She got it in her hair, and on her face. Bella opened presents soon after, and starting playing with them.

Bella got a ball popper thing, and anna's playing with it more than her.

All in All, bella had a good Bday.

I still think she probably is wondering why we dont do this everyday. Lol!

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Last night my parents went to go feed the goldfish, and mine was dead. That was the first time one of my pets died while I owned them. A few days after we got them, it was doing fine. It'd hide in the rock alot though. Until the last two days, he was great. Then he started getting whiter and whiter, and we looked it up. It meant he either had a disease, fungus, or parasite. So I'm hoping the disease was non-catchable, the parasite flushed down with the fish, and the fungus isnt thriving under that rock. =P. So yesterday, I flushed him down the toilet, and supposedly today, I'm going with Nana and Dad out to Ruston to get some antique furniture from a lady. Then we'll go help Nana at her house, to get it all in, then maybe we'll go to Wally World or Petco to get me another goldfish, or a freshwater fish compatible with the goldfish. (I wanted a beta but apparently they kill each other if in same aquarium.)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gooooollld Fish

Well, as you guys know, We got a aquarium for Christmas. It was a 2 gallon Aquarium. So Saturday, we went to PetCo! to get some goldfish with our mammaw. We could only get one each, because you're supposed to have 1 fish per gallon. We got to Petco and we looked at the fish, and then the dogs, cats getting groomed, and the ferrets/mice/rats/Guinea Pigs. I nearly begged to get 2 guinea pigs. Our friends Laura and French got their kids Malcolm and Mackenzie 2 guinea pigs, Bobin and Bobina. I really wanted them. :) We went to the goldfish aquarium, and anna got a medium sized Goldfish, while I got a big one. Mine grows to 6 1/2 inches or 7. I think. Anna's grows to about 4 1/2. So right now, there names are Wrangler and Arnold Frankenstein.

New Years

So I havnt posted in awhile...

New Years Eve:
We went to Mrs. Sheila's and Mr. Jimmy's for New Years. We ate Frito Pie, Sausage, Gumbo, Southern Blaze Bake, etc. It was really good. About an hour or two when we're over there, Tiffany starts feeling bad, so she goes and lies down. We sit down and play the Wii, (stand up really). Playing Activision i think. After awhile, I go and watch the adults play the other Wii, after the LSU Tigers game is over. Tigers won 31-14 I think? After a bit of watching them play, we went outside and we did fireworks, etc. It was great.

New Years Day:
We went to my great-grandmother's house NYD. Mel Mel, Nanna, Johnnye, Papaw Allie and Rusty, and my parents were there. We ate cabbage and hamburger meat, Vegetable Soup and Cornbread, for supper. Before supper we watched Daddy Day Care, and then after The Mummy 3: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.
We had a great New Years.