Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hayley Masters

This week we went to a Hayley Masters concert. It was GREAT!!! She is a new singer, 16 years old, from West Monroe and is in Delta Community College. Her concert was at the Pentecostals and was nice. She was like a real concert singer. They had a stage, smoke, LOUD music, panes around the crowd, and . . . DON'T FORGET YOUR SCREAMING GIRLS. It was just terrific. After, they had cold drinks, pizza, and autographs by Hayley. And you could talk to the band. Well, that is enough said, so im off. Cya guys!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Spendin' Night at Grandma's

Sup fellas! Im back, and ganna go spend the night at my Grandmother's in a few minutes. Sadly, Its Fall and we can't swim :(. But, she still has a tennis court, a playground, and a house. Maybe we'll get to, maybe, just maybe, stick our feet in the pools :) So im hoping. Tomorrow, im ganna go see either..Igor...Beverly Hills Chihuhua or The Longshots. My grandma said we were seeing something with a -Star- in it, but there isnt any movie with a star in it, so Im thinking its The Longshots
Well, I gots to go. Cya guys