Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fun with Friends.

A couple weeks ago, we went to a relative's B-Day Party at the Jungle Gym. Annalee really liked it, but I did not. I enjoyed visiting and stuff like that, but I guess The Jungle Gym just isn't as much fun as it used to be, =P.
Mrs. Sherri, who does http://ourplaceourplace.blogspot.com/ was very nice and invited me to come over that day to play after the party. Her three kids, (2 boys, and a girl), are VERY nice. Patrick, who is 11, is definetly my BEST FRIEND!! Carter comes up as the same. They're both tied for 1st place Best friends. They have a pool and a platform in their backyard, which is extremely cool, so Patrick and Carter and I swam for most of the day. We came back inside and played Yu-Gi-Oh, ( a fun card-game ) and then went over with Mrs. Sherri, Madison, a friend of Madison's, Patrick, Carter, and then one of their neighbors out to their grandparents' house. We got to ride on a Go-Cart and then go jump on the trampoline. It started raining pretty soon, so we had to go back inside. We were inside right before it started raining. Mrs. Sherri ordered some pizza, and we played Yu-Gi-Oh some more, traded Yu-Gi-Oh Cards, played Spiderman: Web of Shadows, ate Johnny's Pizza and watched T.V. After we ate pizza, we played some more and then got some sleeping bags and watched Spiderwick Chronicles before we went to sleep.
The next day, we got up pretty early and started getting ready for church at 9:00. They go to Swartz First Baptist Church. Their church is really cool. We go to the big church for an hour, then go to Sunday School for another hour. I was with Patrick in his 5th grade class. Carter was in his 4th grade class.

After church, we went to O'Charley's by the mall in Monroe. O'Charley's was VERY GOOD, as it always is. I showed Patrick what I usually get, ( Kids' Chicken, and a bowl of potatoe soup). He got the same thing and LOVED it!
Soon, we were heading over to my house, and let Patrick and Carter come back over for a while.
We went to the park around 3:00 for mr. Timmy and Jimmy's Birthday Bash. It was really fun. I think Patrick and Carter really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed knowing I have two new best friends :). Happy Birthday, Mr. Timmy and Jimmy!!

We went back to the house, and played for awhile longer. Their mom came to get them around 7. We ended up spending the whole weekend together. Like my mom said, I can see us spending more days together during the summer. Again, Thanks for letting them come, Mrs. Sherri! And thank you for letting me go over there and stay the night Saturday night, and for taking me with you guys to O'Charleys!!!!


Sherri said...

This was a really nice post, Michael. That really was a great weekend. Thanks so much for inviting Patrick to stay tomorrow night. He is really looking forward to it. We will have you over soon again, too :).

Michael T. said...

Thanks for letting him come over, Mrs. Sherri! I had a blast with him! Looked like you guys had fun too, while he was gone. Thanks for inviting me to come back over, sometime soon!